Don Carlos


29669 Alabama 181, Daphne, AL 36526

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Real Mexican Food in a Family Friendly Ambiance

Carefully prepared generous Mexican dishes with a Full Bar in a large beautiful space for family and groups, and live music every Friday


The Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant is the result of decades of experience in Mexican food and how to create a place and ambiance that our clients would enjoy and would like to return. There are countless details we pay attention to and we have perfected over time. From our food to our friendly and experienced service, you will feel the difference of a well rounded experienced restaurant.

We also pay special attention to welcome families -no matter how large they are- and groups, from friends to organizations who regularly meet at our restaurant just for having a good and relaxing time, or to conduct meetings. For families, we like participating in the celebration of birthdays with chanting and "Charro hat" included!

Live music every Friday actually has its following of customers that bring their preferred songs lyrics and sing microphone in hand besides our guitarist professional musician.

Our bar is fully stocked and we can make any drink! You can even request a special one and we'll make it for you! We love seeing lively conversations in our bar as well as drinks going to tables.

Seafood Mexican Dishes
Fajitas & Meat
Truly Friendly Service
Mexican Culture
Live Music

Mexican Cuisine

Our dishes are traditional Mexican food, some influenced in to what's known as Mexican Texan, or "Mex Tex", but always maintaining the true Mexican cuisine

We start with fresh ingredients and recipes that have moved from our homes where we grew up into a restaurant, while maintaining its authenticity, and flavors.

Generous portions served by our friendly and experienced waiters and waitresses make you experience the Mexican culture.

Our Ambiance

We really paid attention to our ambiance, both it's style, decoration, space and distribution.

From a couple searching for a romantic evening in our outdoors terrace to a large family celebrating a birthday to an organization's or sports group getting together, we have the right place and spot for you.

Many times we have been told that coming here is like stepping into Mexican culture - that's one of our goals, we invite you to experience it!

Our Bar

Our fully stocked bar of course starts with the traditional Margaritas, in several of its forms, but goes well beyond them into an exploration of drinks from tropical ones such as a PiƱa Colada to classics such as a Martini.

We believe that a Bar also is a place where you can relax having good conversations, and even to meet new people.

We invite you to sit at our bar with some appetizers, and to ask for great drinks to be brought to your table.

Our Story

Ruben Gimenez is a true successful restaurateur and entrepreneur with a family of restaurants created since the 1980's, where after coming from Mexico he created his first Mexican Restaurant "Los Rancheros", in Mobile, Alabama.

Starting as a cook in Mexican Restaurants, he learned how to apply home cooking in a restaurant setting. While he naturally started thinking as an entrepreneur and dreamed of creating newer, better and larger restaurants, he never lost sight of the quality and authenticity of the food, dish by dish.

Now with several restaurants working successfully, most of them as a partner with someone that worked for him, his passion as a restaurateur and business entrepreneur results in Mexican Restaurants that you can trust they'll provide you with a good and consistent culinary and cultural experience.